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Today's collective Tarot reading


The energies coming through today are feeling more positive, we are emerging away from the collectives long battle with sadness, grief, despair & isolation.

April brings in with her new hope and faith, a new way to traverse these new timelines.

We are rising away from the darkness and desolation of the past.

Today's cards show bravery & courage emerging from the collective mind, a pivotal movement away from 2020 fear energies.

New directions, opportunities, ideas will start to surface, when we truly assess our lives what needs to change with regards to our health, lifestyle, relationship, careers or relationship to self.

Some relationships or career may not feel right anymore, new friendships and possibilities may show up unexpectededly. Fearlessness, being & living in joy magnetise more in our lives.

Where do you want these energies to take you?

What do you want to change in your health, career, personal relationships?

The fool wants to be bold, take risks, lead her life on her own terms, as an independent being.

This attitude is the gateway to numerous possibilities from restoring health, mending the soul, attracting success & abundance.

Leave the past behind step forward look ahead. The past cannot change but the present can deliver & unfold gifts if you allow it in with a playful & joyful mindset.

The gateway & horizon appear bright and inviting, step through to a positive future. The dove encourages us the connect with ourselves on a more deeper level, for more love, compassion and peace within.

If you want greater clarity, direction or help on your journey.

If you are looking for a soul healing session with me.

Contact Jagss on 07824 902 092 to discuss today.

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