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Meditation  (MTH)


Benefits of Meditation

Our being can be thought of us a vessel that receives energy, input and stimuli constantly all day long. When the vessel becomes overloaded one can become overwhelmed, stressed and aged. Through regular meditation the vessel is regulated emptied from this overload. Meditation allows fresh energy to flow into and circulate through the body, relieving the tension of the overload. The mind becomes energised, sharper with more clarity and  resilience to handle the world in which we live in.

Numerous studies have proven the benefits of meditation which include:

Improved mental and emotional well being,

Stabilizes blood circulation in the body and regulates blood pressure, heartbeat and metabolism

Enhanced focus & cognitive power

Enhanced Immunity 

Disease prevention

Decreased levels of stress

Reduced chances of age-related memory loss

Improved sleep quality, aids weight loss, and reduced fatigue.

I teach various forms of meditation from guided meditations to dynamic meditations involving movement and mantras. Meditations in groups can be extremely powerful

The Meditation on Twin Hearts is a special meditation, this was given to the world courtesy of Master Choa Kok Sui. This particular meditation is known as the meditation of Unity, Love, Mercy & Compassion, join me as we connect and make the world a better peaceful place for generations to come.

Group meditation reinforces a desire to make it a daily practice, energies get amplified and can be extremely powerful. We all lead busy lives, and even the best intention to meditate can get lost once in a while. Joining a group can make you more committed to your practice. But a group can also represent a meditation lifestyle that inspires every member.

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