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What is SRT ?

Spiritual response therapy involves treating a person on the soul level to clear blocks and obstacles in ones destiny or path in life. SRT can clear karmic bonds in families & relationships. By connecting to a clients high self, a SRT Practitioner can help facilitate healing by uncovering the root causes of the clients challenge. Discordant negative energies and programs within a clients subconscious can be cleared through the use of special charts and pendulum dowsing and the high self connection.


How is alternative therapy any different from traditional medical therapy?

The client is treated holistically through listening & counselling. The physical ailment that the client reports is not just looked at in isolation, the emotional and mental being are also addressed. 


I would like a SRT session for my loved one, but they are not willing to go for a session or believe in healing. Is there any possibility to have SRT done for them ?

A SRT Practitioner can work with your loved one, even though they may not wish to have the session on a conscious level. I will always check at the soul level if I have permission to connect to your loved ones soul on an unconscious level.


What therapies are suitable for children and how may they help?

Children can benefit from either SRT & Pranic Healing. Hypnotherapy on the other hand is not recommended for children.

Healing modalities can help children regulate their energy levels, focus and help with the release negative emotions or trauma.


I am not flexible can I benefit from doing Yoga ?

Everyone can benefit from Yoga regardless of flexibility or age. The main idea is that whilst practicing yoga in a class setting, maintain your focus on your own practice as everybody will be at different stages. Yoga is about going through your own internal process of transformation, everybody is unique and will go through their practice differently.


Do I need to be prepared in anyway before I attend a hypnotherapy session ?

Yes please think about your primary issues or challenges.  What questions do you wish receive answers for. 

Please bring your main questions with you and we will go through these prior to starting the actual hypnotherapy. The session can last 3 hours so be prepared for the duration whilst in session. 


What is the difference between Reiki and Pranic Healing ?

Pranic healing uses ordinary prana or special color prana maybe used to which particular chakra is related to. PH produces faster and better results.

Reiki is an energising technique. The Reiki master channels the energy. So sometimes there is a radical reaction in which for sometime a patient worsens and then starts becoming better.


I would like to have a SRT session but cannot attend a face to face session. Do you offer remote video call sessions if so are they effective ?

Yes I do remote SRT sessions via video call. There is no difference in the effectiveness, both a face to face and remote session work by the same method. I am dealing with you on a soul level and can work with you being present or not present, as there is really no real concept of time.


How soon can I see results within me If I go with a pranic healing?

Ideally this depends on the severity of your issue & how open you are to Pranic Healing. Ideally you should book 5 sessions attended close together, quicker results can be obtained. The noticeable results will show as your energy levels can increase, bringing about profound changes and clarity.


Can I bring anyone with me during my hypnotherapy session for support?

You should attend the actual session on your own. Certain topics may come up during the session that can be seen as quite sensitive. The Practitioner is dealing one on one with you & maintains confidentiality and non judgemental attitude.

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