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Yoga at Home


Kundalini Yoga (KY) is the yoga of awareness. Experience KY with me, delve into your true essence connect with your soul.  KY involves the practice of asanas (postures), pranayama (breath work) and mantras. You will be surprised how quickly you can see results in your physical and mental well being just after a couple of classes. I am a certified Level 1 Kundalini Yoga teacher, trained at the Karam Kriya School of Yoga .

A typical yoga class last around 1 and a half hours, join me on Wednesdays from 7.30pm. Please text/phone to confirm attendance. Social distance & hygiene measures will be maintained due to Covid19, please bring a yoga mat. I also hold Yoga classes remotely via Zoom or hold private one to one sessions. Please see prices.

Maintaining a regular morning practice is so important in these times, especially in the Age of Aquarius, where daily challenges and mental health issues are increasing. Sadhana is a spiritual practice of yoga nd meditation done in the early morning hours (Amrit Vela).


Join me for weekly Sadhana on Sunday's at 5.00 am- 7.30am. Experience the benefits of following a regular Sadhana practice. After Sadhana join me for Yogi tea and snacks, lets bring our local yogic community together.  Donations or energy exchanges welcomed.  

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