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QHHT -Hypnotherapy

Subconscious has the Key to Unlock and Clear your challenge in life !

YOUR answers are within you

Within us all we all have the answers to our life and health issues. But how many of us are stuck trying to find the answers within to come out of suffering.

With a QHHT session a Practitioner can help facilitate the process to help the client understand the challenge through a hypnotherapy session looking at it objectively. If appropriate the client will be taken back to a past life through regression. This past life may hold the explanation to the client's present life challenge or obstacle. 

The client will be asked to prepare ahead of the session to list the exact questions that they would like to ask their subconscious. The subconscious part of the mind knows and records every single experience the soul has had through countless lives. Amongst those memories are the stuck negative emotions that have not been cleared and released. 

Whilst in a hypnotherapy session the client is safe under the guidance and care of the QHHT Practitioner. The client experiences the past life memory as a viewer so can not be affected by the memory, the client will gain more insightful knowledge witnessing the memory and will understand the message being witnessed.

The QHHT Practitioner can communicate with the subconscious and request that the healing take place. There is healing during the session and at least 3 days prior to the session. All that is required is an openness & receptivity to allow the healing to take place. A recording of the session will be given to the client, the recording will contain the specific healing energies and can continue to work if listened to regularly.  

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How do I learn to change my current life challenge?


By travelling back in the time with past life regression

---Delores Cannon

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