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Pranic Healing

What is Pranic Healing  & how can this help me?

 Pranic Healing An Ancient Science  & art that utilises prana or Vital life force energy to acceleerate natural healing.  

hand-graphics_1 PH.jpg
hand-graphics_1 PH.jpg

Prana is found in the air on the earth, without we would cease to exist, this vital life force energy sustains us. If our energy body becomes blocked due to stress or disease prana cannot flow freely into the energy centres (main chakras). Organs become depleted of prana. Pranic Healing is very popular as results in health and wellness can be seen quite quickly. Pranic Healing involves a healer facilitating the process to clear the energy bodies and aura from diseased stagnant energy. There are cleansing &  energising steps to the PH process, colour prana and breathing techniques are utilised.  

A session can last for about 45 minutes common after effects are feelings of lightness, joy, happiness, energy & focus.

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