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Spiritual Response Therapy                          

Spiritual Response Therapy (SRT)

SRT  & The Soul Records

The Akashic records, the record of everything the soul has experienced from its origin until the present moment & beyond. All subconscious programming from present & previous lives are stored here

Through a SRT session the clients akashic records will be researched and cleared of negative energies, beliefs and programs. Sessions can last around 1 to 2 hrs  dependent on issues found. 

SRT involves the divine connection to SPIRIT, pendulum dowsing & special charts.

An SRT Clearing can be done for various situations.

My offerings can help use SRT for the following:-

  1. Clear properties, businesses from geopathic stress energies.

  2. Clear Soul family

  3. Clear the Family ancestor tree

  4. Clear obstacles in career

  5. Clear obstacles & causes related to physical health and emotional mental well being

Through the use of SRT, the connection to SPIRIT & the client's high self,  I'm able to locate the spiritual causes of obstacles & physical ailments .  

Clearing of the cause can then be requested from SPIRIT. SRT effectiveness can be instanteous once the client has openess to the therapy.



"Spiritual Response therapy helps rid the subconscious mind of discordant thoughts and associated energy that keeps the thought form alive. It can also be used to program the subconscious mind with new positive thoughts and energy ".

—  Robert E. Detzler

There are times when most of us have asked ourselves, "What makes me act like that? Why can't I succeed at what I want to do? I wonder why nothing ever works for me?" .

There are a myriad of other questions that rise up to cause us to wonder, "What is wrong with me ? ". The answers to all the questions and many more lie in the depth of the subconscious mind.

— Robert E. Detzler

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