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Debunking the Myths of Hypnosis

Updated: Apr 11, 2022

Hypnotherapy & the Myths.

Have you ever felt that hypnotherapy doesn’t work or you cannot be hypnotised ?? Let me debunk these myths. So many have benefitted from hypnosis sessions where other treatments did not quite provide the results hoped for.

If I said you are driving your own hypnosis, you are in control at all times. A hypnotherapist is only guiding you into a relaxed state, the client self hypnotises themselves since they have free will in the process.

Maybe there is fear, they will reveal the most deep secrets of their inner world. This cannot happen, your soul only reveals what is relevant in the here & now, that too with your trusted consent.

How can you prepare for your Hypnosis session with me, so that you can gain the outcome you seek:

Stay in a state of Open mindedness & having no expectations will help the process unravel to your advantage.

Leave the ego mind at the door as it has no room in the session, it only blocks you from getting your codes, keys and healing.

Don’t put any hypnosis expectations on yourself that you have to match up to the hypnotherapist. Staying in a natural flowing state like water, just merely allowing the chi to flow naturally in your body. There is no resistance to battle through just a beautiful energetic flow to bring you back to balance and harmony.

Oh and by the way did I mention drinking adequate levels of water.

A hydrated physical body will perform better under a regression session. The bodies subtle electrical system requires water and lots of it.

Water is liquid consciousness, it will help you access your higher levels of consciousness.

What is the intention or purpose for your session?

Is it curing a phobia,


chronic illness,

seeking life purpose and meaning,

understanding a certain challenging relationships in your life,

If your interested in trying out a hypnosis/ regression session.

Please contact Jagss on 07824 902 092 to discuss.

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