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Tarot: Collective energies for 04/06/2022

This long extended national holiday has been a celebration 🎉 for the UK, full of fireworks, church services and street parties. Queen Elizabeth has achieved a staggering 70-year reign, serving her country and her people.

It’s been a weekend of much needed time for connection and downtime with family/friends. This is showing in the Ten of pentacles & features prominently this weekend. This is what has been missing in the collective minds & hearts of so many.

It’s a time for inner contemplation and awareness of what truly matters in this life, the true meaning of existence on this planet. Only through consciousness, compassion, rest, community are we truly whole within and able to see with more clarity.

However, mankind has been entrapped in a runaway matrix of materialism, commercialism, routine, expectations & duty. This has driven the collective away from inner happiness, joy and bliss. Seeking time to retreat into a slow, easy pace has been the required energy for this weekend, there has been build up & requirement for rest and peace.

The universe has listened to the collective, opening the gateway to slow down the pace and bring in a time for rejuvenation, rest, retreat, and meaningful connections. There may be a coincidental meeting that leads to a new avenue for love, relationships, or career.

Use this time wisely to seek that which you really require, let go of what no longer serves your growth, maybe a job just doesn’t light you up anymore.

Listen to the inner workings of your mind, let your intuition guide you away from fear & uncertainties. Security and guarantees in life are not always possible, find your ‘Yes’ to what it is you truly desire in this life. Take a chance step out of your comfort zone.

The Moon shows the internal struggle to overcome the disabling polarity of the mind.

Fear & insecurity prevent you from reaching new heights of growth and success. Reach out for your ‘Yes’, try your heart’s desire, get out of your own way & allow new gateways to open and never look back.

This is step you must take to reach your greatest potential.

My parting word is never waste this opportunity, use this free time to seek clarity in your life.

Have a wonderful weekend.

Lots of love & blessings 💕💕 From Jagss


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