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Spiritual Restructuring

"Everything is energy and that's all there is to it ".

Albert Einstein

Spiritual Restructuring works with Spiritual response therapy but primarily deals with the physical body to bring about body realignment, release and freedom from muscle tension.

How can I benefit from an SpR Session ?

Your physical body can be corrected and aligned back into balance.

What sort of corrections can be made?

Healing Organs and Glands: Working with spiritual energy to establish vibrational healing of all organs and glands.

Body Alignment: Learning to adjust the vertebrae, sacrum, hips, ribs, head off axis, torqued or jammed joints for freedom of movement.

Muscle Treatment: Releasing tension in muscles and relieving over-extended muscles. Reduce stress and past life energies that may be locked in muscles

Balance for Brain/Mind Meld: Working with the soul (the mind of the body) and the brain to release discordant programming and bring about a brain/mind integration.

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