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The many benefits of Aromatherapy

I can't rave enough about the benefits of pure essential oils. There's something divine about the effects they have on the human psyche. As soon as you inhale them, the brain responds and associates a glorious feeling from them. There are numerous aromatic blends all inducing a chemical effect on the body. From improving the mood, producing radiant skin to combatting panic and anxiety. They are all very specific and targeted in their actions.

If you use essential oils topically on the skin always mix with a carrier oil such as sweet almond oil. Patchouli or Tea tree are ideal in preventing forms of mild acne, dermatitis or cracked chapped skin.

Are you an insomniac up at unsociable hours, worrying? Why not diffuse essential oils in an oil burner, steam diffuser or a reed diffuser. Rose or lavender will relax the mental and emotional bodies. Inducing calmness and tranquillity, peace of mind & bliss.

Are you suffering from bouts of fatigue, lethargy and drowsiness? Infuse fresh aromas of citrus through essential oils such as orange, bergamot and grapefruit. Feel the energetic kick to wake up your mind & body.

These are just a few essential oils you could try. Happing hunting, experiment find your ideal blend and enjoy - Jagroop


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