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Change your life with Quantum  Healing Therapies

Transform your life, improve your relationships, heal your mind, body and soul.

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My Story

I started my career in health care as a certified Podiatrist. Over the years I've had a strong affinity to various energy healing modalities. 

By witnessing the profound effects of some of these therapies on myself , has brought about tremendous transformation in my life. Noticeable effects that were felt were inner happiness, clarity, satisfaction along with enhanced health, well being and abundance.

Through my experience and sensitivity I can offer a client  targeted therapy that's potentially needed by the client.  My aim has always been to treat a client holistically. I offer remedies for a particular phase in a client's life to help relieve them. They maybe facing a physical ailment/pain or an obstacle. My ways of working  have always been with sense of sensitivity, openess and  respect for client confidentiality. 

I’m a Reiki Practitioner and weave all my tools in the mix to get the shift required for my clients.

I became  a certified Pranic Healer from The Institute of Pranic Healing UK & Ireland. I offer Pranic Healing and Pranic Psychotherapy services.  I've seen miraculous results and changes, not just in myself but with my clients. This is the most rewarding gift of all, healing of individuals and witnessing the positive changes.

My Services

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How can Holistic therapies help me?

             **New service**

I’m now offering a new service, sessions in Quantum Healing. This form of healing can accelerate a person to gain more clarity & direction in life, stabilise the mind and body back to health & energy.



Together we can establish non serving habitual thoughts & patterns, release them, reprogram self to new positive thought patterns.

The session is confidential involving counselling, talk therapy aswell as energy healing. I will help facilitate your healing experience with you all within your individual soul plan.

If this is something you would like to experience for yourself, contact me today.

Give yourself the gift of personal wellbeing, invest in yourself today. Make 2024 your year, Year of change and self-transformation.

So many individuals are struggling to find cures for their ailments via traditional medicine. Often not getting the results that they had hoped for.

I offer holistic therapies to treat the mind, body and soul of my client. By delving into the root cause of the issue I'm able to help facilitate healing to the client,

Are you requiring help with any of these: 

-   Back/Knee pain 

-   Anxiety

-   Depression

-   Lack of clarity and direction in life

-   Migraines

-   Skin conditions

-   Family & relationship issues

-   Obstacles in career

-   Obstacles in business

-   House clearing from negative energies

-   Mediumship contacting ancestors

Contact me today to discuss how I can help alleviate your issue.

My Services

Reiki  & Pranic Healing

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To Heal mind, body and soul

Through Reiki or Pranic healing the energetic body is treated. This is non invasive (no touch) modality. Experience greater clarity and freedom in your life book a session today.

Spiritual Response Therapy 


The soul's akashic records are researched. Hidden energies & programs causing obstacles in your life, home or your relationships can be determined and cleared.

SRT gets to the route spiritual cause of a problem very quickly, clearing the cause.

Access Bars 

Access Facelift 



Experience Past Life Regression

Offering a new service!

 Experience past life regression for free (Limited offer available till 31/11/2021). I am taking bookings now there are limited slots. If this may interest you, get in contact to see if this will benefit you. 

Spiritual Restructuring


Works with SRT to help tackle stuck energies causing physical issues.  SpR can help alleviate issues such as back pain, shoulder pain & migraines. 

Kundalini Yoga


Learn the tools & techniques


A regular Yoga practice can bring about subtle changes that you will notice within time physically, emotionally and mentally. 


Learn different forms of Meditation.

Twin Hearts Meditation, Dynamic or Guided Meditations


"Kind welcome, great support, really helps and feeling motivated I would highly recommend 💯".

- Shabir N

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Contact me to discuss

your way to a happier & healthier future

Wakefield Gardens, Ilford, Essex, IG1 3SJ, UK.

Mobile: 07824 902 092

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